How Much Should I Pay for Professional SEO Services and Web Content Writing?

“How Much Should I Pay for Professional SEO Services and Web Content Writing?”

This is the big question we’ll be tackling in today’s blog post.

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This resource article is designed to cover all the bases if you are looking to hire a professional SEO magician, digital marketing strategist or web content writer that can seriously and effectively help boost your online business.

So, who should you hire? And, better yet, will they be worth your while ($$$)?

Get your buckles out (legal notepad, napkin, whatever) and put your seatbelts on because we’re about to dive deep into answering some of the most common (and most important) questions you should be using to evaluate whether you are hiring the right professional SEO service provider to achieve the results you need for your business.

Let’s kick things off with some Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) 101:

SEO services and content writing go hand-in-hand.

To need SEO services, you need content. To really make the most out of your content, unsurprisingly, your audience really needs to be able to find your site.

Time to optimize those search engines.

Let’s not beat around the bush here. SEO and web content writing service pricing is a bit of a minefield. It can be hard to decipher whether you’re getting the right balance between budget and quality. Especially if it’s not something you are very familiar with.

Spoiler alert: prices can vary a ton!

As a business owner, you don’t want to skimp on quality (you get what you pay for, to a certain extent), but you also don’t want to throw your hard-earned cash into the wind.

Length of a piece of string, anyone?

You might be tempted to go low, but your content and traffic is not a nice-to-have add-on. It is the heart of your business. And like all good-hearted businesses, the investment you set to its SEO content is crucial.

When it comes to paying for content, copywriting and SEO services:

If it seems too good to be true, well, chances are it is.

In other words, what you see is what you’ll get. There are plenty of dirt-cheap offerings out there without any guarantee of quality. Web content and SEO shouldn’t be seen as an expense, but as a dire investment into your business.

Web Content Writing

Seems like it’s all basic common sense, doesn’t it? Well, not necessarily. In fact, the world of copy & content writing is truly an art of its very own. Is it really necessary to hire professional content writers? What value do they bring to your site?

Well, “good” web content writers provide solutions to bring you the same results as a “good” SEO specialist. You get things like increased traffic to your site, strategized enhancement of your user’s experience, leading your business to more conversions. You get where I’m going with this.

As a result, website content writing services can vary hugely in their price and quality.

How so? Online content mills that produce bland and samey content are cheap and dime to the dozen. Their outsourced content writers often lack the skills and the knowledge required to deliver you any kind of effectual results. At the other end of the scale, there are some very flashy agencies who will ask you to part with vast sums in return for their services. Where does one draw the line?!

How to Hire a Good Content Writer

A true copywriter; someone worth investing in, does much, much more than write a generic article for your website. Or even a good article for your website, at that. Some of the things a copywriter should offer you, include (but are obviously not limited to):

  • Thoroughly review your website, its content, and do the same for your competitors.
  • Follow your market.
  • Go over your content marketing strategy with you.
  • Examine your target audience in detail.
  • Use Google Analytics to assess how your website is currently performing.
  • Go over different ideas for content topics, formats and headlines with you.
  • Look at how to make content economically useful.
  • Perform extensive research into topics as discussed in your respective industry. This includes specific keywords, related content, and other data analysis.
  • Use authoritative sources for your research, and maybe conduct interviews.
  • Write well-researched, attractive and formatted posts, with subheadings, images, and/or other media.
  • Insert in-text link directs to pages within your site as well as to other sites (this helps Google find you more easily!).
  • Edit, proofread and reads their work out loud thoroughly.
  • Follow-up with you on data analysis and reporting to explain how effectively the content has worked for your site.

So, yes, it’s actually quite a lot!

The factors mentioned above, the type of copy or content that you need, as well as the given deadline(s) can all affect freelance copywriter rates.

But, have no fear! A good copywriter will help you figure out what you need.

Types of website content writing services

Renown SEO internet marketing agency reported that the average cost for a page of content in 2019 is from $25 to $25,000. You read that right – a single page of web content can cost you $25,000.

As you can see, I wasn’t kidding when I said ‘piece of string’!

The type of copy you’ll need is in fact a key factor which can affect the overall pricing you’ll have to pay for these services.

Your website’s Landing Page

This is where your target audience, well, lands.

Treat it like a first date. Although you want to allure your audience, you also have to make sure you don’t come off sounding desperate. (We’re still talking about landing pages here, okay? Stay with me now.)

Besides for the purpose of bewitching your audience into falling in love at first sight with your content, your landing page also needs to contain a call-to-action. Why?

You want your site visitors to do something, right?

A well-crafted landing page turns visitors into leads, customers, and so on.

Sometimes web designers will often offer to throw a landing page into their services, but you’ll want to be extra careful in hiring a generalized jack of all trades for your landing page. A good web designer does not equate himself to being a good copywriter.

Conversions are key.

If you could only choose one page of your website that mandates professionally crafted SEO mastery, it’s your landing page. reports that typical prices for a landing page can range from $180$6,400 (there’s that string again).

It all depends on how much you are willing to invest in your business. Avoid the extreme ends of the market to make sure you get the best value from your investment.

For me, I typically charge $1500-5000 for a simple (but effective!) landing page. My rates depend on the nature, length, research time required and overall scope of the project.

I provide quote estimates after researching the client’s niche industry market, auditing the client’s existing marketing strategies, analyzing statistical data reports and examining their targeted-audience pain points before strategizing for the appropriate solutions per project.

SEO rich blog posts

SEO rich blog posts are usually more expensive because your posts need to be properly customized for Google to find them. Again, you need to balance quality with cost.

An SEO rich blog post which isn’t rich in SEO is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. A seasoned SEO blog writer will ask for specified keywords to implement into the article if you haven’t provided any.

Additionally, SEO blog posts help to direct that precious, precious traffic to your website. The price can depend on how much research is involved and whether interviews are needed. Some service providers will charge by the hour, by the word count, or on a per-project basis.

To put things into perspective, the average professionally-written SEO blog post will cost somewhere between $150-$800.

Other types of web content services

Keyword research on specific topics can cost from $500 to in excess of $1,500.

Sales emails, click-bait (yes, they are horrible, but you click them, don’t you?) and long-form articles cost more. They require more work, and they drive more traffic to your site. These can cost an average of $400-$800 a page.

Press releases have a very specific format and purpose which can be useful for generating more business if done right (and you want it done right). Expect to pay around $500-$1000for a decent press release.

Email copywriting again varies in cost, from around $100 to $2000 per email, as reported by

The conclusion on freelance copywriter rates

I won’t mention the piece of string again. I promise.

Clearly, the range of rates for freelance copywriters is huge. It’s important to understand why you need someone who will have your site’s and your business’s best interests in mind. It’s also important for you to determine what you’re willing to invest into potential conversions.

In short: don’t go too low, but don’t bankrupt yourself either.

Alternatively, you can also schedule a free ten-minute consultation call with me to discuss your project requirements by clicking here.

SEO triumphs the digital marketing realm

Did you know that search engines create 300% more traffic than social media?

Search engine optimization is vital if you want your site to rank higher up on Google. And obviously, which pages on Google do you click? The top ones.

Much like content writing, the price of SEO services is dependent on various factors. These factors include the country where the services are being carried out, the quality and depth of the work, the experience of the SEO professional or agency, and how competitive your industry is.

Again, don’t go too low. You may run into trouble. Mistakes can result in penalization by Google. And that’s a big no-no when you need to bring in more traffic.

Again, think investment! You want to get the highest possible ROI.

Examine the skill set of your SEO agency or professional. Ask how your visibility will be improved, and what their plan is for making sure you get the best ROI.

SEO Pricing Guide

SEO pricing comes in a few different shapes: hourly, per project, a monthly charge (called a monthly retainer, or per performance (relatively new but becoming more common). put together this great infographic which highlights the huge range of SEO tasks, companies and prices across different countries. Disclaimer: It might make your brain hurt.

What does an SEO do?

Google has over 200 factors in deciding where to rank your page. This can create a huge range of potential SEO tasks.

Some companies make recommendations in certain SEO areas, and others do it all for you. You need to determine your budget and your requirements, and again, think about ROI (I know, I sound like a stuck record here).

Fixed Price SEO Packages

In terms of hourly rates, effective SEO campaigns may need 12–104 hours per month. And the average rate for SEO is $76-$200 per hour.

By project, SEO can cost an average of $1000-$7500. A site audit can cost $600-$20,000, depending on how in depth it is. And projects can even reach $250,000.

SEO has an average per month cost of $250 to $5000.

You can go higher: Some other sources list prices of up to $500 per hour and $10,000 per month for overseas SEO, and even up to $700 per hour.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Choose your SEO service provider carefully. Consider your budget and your ROI.

You can check out a recommended list for SEO consultants here. (As recommended by

Finally, straight from the horse’s mouth: Google has a handy guide to selecting the right SEO.

How to hire an SEO – in the words of Google Webmasters:

“To some SEO seems like black magic. Having worked with Google search for over a decade what I’ve learned is that first it’s not black magic. And second, if you want long-term success there aren’t any quick magical tricks”

In short: if you’re looking for a credible and seasoned copywriter to take care of SEO and content creation for you – please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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