How to Earn Your First $400 and Become a Level One Seller on Fiverr in 2019

Are you looking to make a passive income from freelance writing opportunities?

Perhaps you are completely new to the online freelance world, or maybe you’re an existing freelance writer. Either way, you are just as capable of accomplishing a Level-1 seller badge on Fiverr as the next person. Today I will be providing insight from my experience working as a Level-One seller on Fiverr by answering common questions about freelancing on Fiverr.

To begin, I often hear from seasoned freelancers who have never actually created a profile on Fiverr about the common (but way outdated) misconception condemning Fiverr as “the place freelancers work for rates as low as $5‘. You may think to yourself, who would work for a mere $5? Amateurs! My skill set and background is worth sooo much more… Blah, blah, blah. This mindset is what’s holding you back from finding greater success if you’re looking for a proven way to make money online.

To be fair, you are absolutely right. Your rates could go as low as $5 on Fiverr, but they don’t have to! My two cents on this: $5 is more than $0, especially if you’re just starting out trying to make a passive income for yourself. You should be proud at the opportunity to build your way up from $5 if you’re looking to take making money online seriously.

The following includes my personal experience working as a Level-1 seller on Fiverr, as well as tips on how to earn your first $400 on Fiverr and accomplish a Level One seller badge in 2019.

Fiverr is a life-changing, opportunist creative gigs marketplace for the fervent freelancer.


AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: This article contains links to where I may make a small commission if you make a qualifying purchase at no extra cost to you.

You may think I’m being dramatic by deeming Fiverr as life-changing, but it really is.

If you’re out of the loop, let me catch you up real quick: is a freelance services marketplace platform, where freelancers (Fiverr calls ’em Sellers) can offer their skilled services to their huge network (yes, we’re talking millions) of users at the click of a button. Whether you’re a writer, designer, digital marketer, or just plain interesting, there’s always room for you to market your skills on Fiverr. You can find success in spite of your background, experience and circumstances.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a name for yourself and earn a sustainable streamline of passive income from freelancing… If you are ready to put in 1010% in honest efforts plus an evergreen willingness to: test the waters, learn from your mistakes and jump the gun on every opportunity to make money online seriously, Fiverr is the platform you want to be on.

I’ve personally witnessed Fiverr’s expansion over the last few years, and I’ve gotta say that the newly introduced hierarchy tier-based system, “Fiverr’s Level System“, is a genius approach to make things fair across the platform for both new and seasoned Sellers, through and through.

In order to legitimately build a thriving online business from scratch, humility and self awareness are vital to your “small business” ventures – especially on the web where your work and reputation is for the world to see.

Let’s first start off by reviewing how working as a Seller on Fiverr can be one of the best decisions you’ll make as a freelancer in the digital age.

How has Fiverr changed the lives of its current (and long-standing) users?

Let’s take David Feldman’s story as published by CNBC, for instance, who has built a 6-figure salary from selling his copywriting services on the Fiverr platform.

CNBC’s article feature on Feldman dives deep into the details prefacing his Fiverr success story. Feldman’s glow up on Fiverr really started when he resigned from his 9-5 (like many aspiring Freelancers hope to do) before finally focusing on using Fiverr as a means to launch and market his (now) $100K+ online writing business.

While Feldman has found great success on Fiverr as a copywriter, freelancing isn’t for everybody.

Freelancing writing is by no means an easy way to earn some fast cash.

I mean, unless you’re really good at marketing yourself as a freelancer.

Otherwise, you’re bound to the amount of hard work and effort you’re actually willing to contribute. Before finding success on Fiverr, you’ll have to evaluate the time you are willing to dedicate to the platform, apart from your current commitments, to grow a serious online business through the services marketplace.

As a Seller on Fiverr myself, I can tell you that it’s 90% entirely up to you to decide how much work or attraction you will gain from buyers.

Your success on Fiverr is determined by your ability to market your personal branding as well as your services available.

In addition to marketing yourself through beautiful branding (think: your bio, photos uploaded, gigs, reviews – stay tuned for an upcoming article on How to Market Your Personal Branding and Services on Fiverr!), you’ll also need to work your way up from the bottom to establish credibility.

How does one establish credibility on a site like Fiverr?

Make sure your Gig orders sell themselves. Your profile is your formal introduction to potential buyers, so be sure to spend a good amount of time working on your Gig descriptions as well.

You never know when a curious buyer stumbles across one of your gigs, only to become interested in another from clicking around on your page.

Fill out everything you can in great detail on your bio if you’re just starting out and you don’t have a lot of experience.

Eventually, once you get your first Gig order review, you may (typically) see a boost in your Gig orders’ audience engagement as well as incoming inquiries about your Gigs. SEO matters here, because Fiverr to Buyers is like Google to internet users. Food for thought ;).

When you begin to make a name for yourself on Fiverr, you will be rewarded with sudden spikes in your audience engagement stats. Gig orders, or Buyer inquiries at the very least shall begin rolling in on a consistent basis.

While Fiverr is not the place to use as a get-rich-quick scheme, Feldman’s fast-growing success can be credited to his reported 50+ hours a week worked on Fiverr. (Source: CNBC)

This makes Fiverr a work-hard-and-see-real-results platform for freelancers regardless of your background and experience.

If you’ve got a set of skills in creating “killer content” (I know, I know — take a shot every time you hear the phrase, ‘killer content’ in the freelance world, amirite?), time-management, interpersonal communication as well as a foundation of earth-shattering self-discipline — you could, too!

Just like Alex Fasulo from New York who has built her 100k+ writing career and freelancing empire from Fiverr, you can also establish your own place and build a sustainable income from the freelance marketplace platform as you so desire.

Along with the right skillset to accomplish a steady income from Fiverr, you’ll need the determination and attitude required to face any adversities along the way.

Despite being one of the top 1% of freelancers on the Fiverr platform as a featured Pro seller, Fasulo nonetheless stays earnest about her thriving online business.

Fasulo demonstrates grace in spite of handling “ten articles a day” (Source: Youtube Interview with Tyler Wagner: “Alex Fasulo: How To Make 6-Figures on Fiverr“) and she even makes light of her ‘overnight’ success in her interview with CNBC: “The newfound financial success still feels so new to me. I don’t even know what to do with the money.” (Source: CNBC)

If that’s not a freelancer’s life changed, I don’t know what is.

Every freelancer has to start from the bottom to find gold at the end of the tunnel.

With almost a decade’s worth of experience in the freelance writing world, I’ve had my fair share of trials and tribulations trying to find the right platform for me to market my writing services.

As one of the top 10% tested users of Upwork in the writing category, I’ll be the first to say that having a strong writing background, achieving high grades or getting great results on these tests is simply not enough.


(Article on my experience working on Upwork coming soon!)

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from testing out and successfully getting hired on some of the most renowned websites in the freelance writing world:

You must familiarize yourself with the platform to grow your potential earnings.

Once you know the ins and outs of the freelance platforms you’re using, you will find it so much easier to position yourself as a figure of authority among your competitors by demonstrating your skills, experience and value which you will be providing for your clients in a presentable and trustworthy manner.

(Article on how to create the perfect Fiverr/Upwork profiles to land awesome clients is coming soon!)

This is one of the most valuable advice I can give to freelancers that are just starting out:

Take what you learn from each freelancing platform, and apply that knowledge to the next.

Before shooting for a 100K salary (especially for those that haven’t a clue about the workload required to sustain a high-income salary from freelance work), let’s take a closer look at some of the micros on Fiverr as a platform.

The adrenaline and excitement you feel from hearing that ‘click’ notification sound, and seeing that preview of the client’s message is simply second to none for Fiverr freelancers. It’s easy to feel lost sometimes as a freelancer. It’s the little things like the ‘click’ noise which should excite you throughout your freelance career as much it did the first time around. That ‘click’ noise is an open invitation for you to show the client what you’ll bring to the table.

It is your opportunity to seize, and yours only, to show the Buyer that you are the perfect writer for their project.

Personally, I simultaneously use a dozen different methods to streamline a steady income as a freelance writer. Part of the freedom in being a freelancer is your liberty to manage your own schedule and work on as many (or as little) projects as your heart desires. Fiverr’s user-friendly platform makes the whole experience so swift you wouldn’t believe it when your orders start rolling in. Why not go for them all?

The Age-Old Question of “Should I Use Upwork or Fiverr?” in the Freelance World

So, Upwork is a freelance services marketplace where clients post jobs for freelancers to bid on via proposals, whereas Fiverr has the Buyer/Seller dashboards in which Buyers browse through Sellers’ profiles and Gigs pages to determine which freelancer they want to hire for the job they have in mind.

Opportunities Come Knocking on Fiverr

In my experience, it has been much easier for clients to find me through my Gigs on Fiverr than Upwork. The main reason might be because I work in digital marketing myself, so I am able to market my services on Fiverr effortlessly and answer inquiries as they come in.

Clients often contact me (as I encourage them to!) by first directly reaching out with their inquiries prior to placing an order. Custom orders are a thing on Fiverr, so it’s open for discussion between yourself and the Buyer to determine the cost, nature and scope of the project you will both agree to collaborate on.

Clients who contact me on Fiverr come from varying backgrounds and industries throughout the world. This has enabled me to dive deep into researching niche markets across all industries, allowing me to hone in on the topics and categories of interest that I really excel at and love working in. These interactions and discoveries have hugely impacted the way I’ve come to model my own (online + offline) businesses, and has provided me with ample experience on how I can successfully juggle my time between project management for Seeyu Studios as well as working on my copy and content freelance writing business.

Not only does this ensure a swift transition into customizing the right project order for the client, it enables me to communicate promptly and openly with the client to discuss deadlines and rates prior to setting up the actual transaction of the order itself. The user-friendly domain of Fiverr makes it easy to communicate with potential clients and turn those curious inquiries into orders placed.

Putting everything else into perspective (freelance buy/sell platforms, Craigslist, freelance writing job boards, Linkedin job postings, etc), I must say:

Fiverr is my number one recommendation for freelancers just starting out.


On the Fiverr freelance services buy & sell platform, you can create an account which will allow you to switch from a Seller and Buyer account as you like.

As a seller, you have the freedom to create Gigs (work orders, where you set your own order descriptions and rates). Buyers can view or purchase directly from your profile as well as the platform Gigs catalog.

Whether you’re a Seller or a Buyer, you can choose to browse Gigs via project category types.

Some of the most popular ones include: Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, and more.

Within each major category, there are subcategories which indicate more specific types of projects you may wish to browse through.

Some of the categories I myself work in, include:

Digital Marketing


Video & Animation


And my personal favourite…

Writing & Translation


If you’re a freelance writer looking for a great, reliable platform, Fiverr is the place where your skillset will get to flourish and your potential to earn becomes endless.


Marketing is taken care of for you.

One of the biggest obstacles for freelance writers is the marketing aspect to selling your writing services.

Fiverr handles all that shiz for you.

On Fiverr, you own real estate — as in, you get a slice of the pie as part of the network of Sellers exhibiting their Gigs to all Buyers.

All you have to do is fill out the details to the Gig you’re offering to Buyers and set your rates for each Gig order.

Buyers can then filter their searches within each category as they browse. The aim here is to tailor your Gig’s info to what kind of services Buyers are seeking in order to let them find your page more easily!

Your Seller page profile plays the role of your landing page + sales catalog.

This is also where you post your public bio, your Gigs, demo portfolio (you can choose to let clients display their product deliveries to your Gigs page) as well as your testimonials from past clients who have left ratings and reviews for their orders about your service and delivery.

The seller’s tier-level system motivates you to reach your goal in a realistic, doable and timely manner.


To accomplish a level-1 seller badge as a Fiverr Seller, you need to achieve the following:

  • 60/60 Days selling as a No Level seller
  • Receive and complete at least 10/10 orders
  • Earn at minimum of $400 from all completed orders
  • Avoid receiving warnings against Fiverr’s TOS over the course of 30 days.
  • *NOTE: always check Fiverr for the most up-to-date and accurate details*

These are super attainable milestones that you can achieve in as little as 2 months to become a Level-1 Seller on Fiverr.



The one thing I wish I had done sooner in my freelance writing career is starting my own blog.

Having your own website and your own blog is a great gateway to opportunities you would never have known that you could have as a freelance writer.

See my article on how to start your own profitable blog in 2019 for more details.


Freelance work never guarantees a predictable flow of work. On some days, you will have more orders than others.

If you’re just starting out, there will be many days where you don’t get orders or inquiries at all.

That’s what being a freelancer comes with — you must equip yourself with the critical mindset needed to tackle any job that may come your way in a realistic time frame.

Although my schedule is jam-packed now, there have been days (or weeks on end) when I would receive no new client inquiries.

PRO TIP: You should always fill up every minute of your “spare” time with learning opportunities.

I listen to lectures and podcasts, take up online classes and read a lot when I’m not working on freelance projects.

STORYTIME: At one point, I ended up with way too many orders than I could handle at once when I was promoting 24-hour turnaround articles.

This was because I wasn’t made aware of Fiverr’s ‘out of office’ mode feature yet! (Fiverr’s ‘out of office’ mode notifies your potential buyers that you’re current not taking any new orders for whatever reason…)

Since Buyers are able to purchase orders directly from your Gigs pages, cancellations (and refunds) of work orders already placed on Fiverr enables the Buyer to leave a review despite the Seller not actually working on the Gig after all.

Don’t give anyone a reason to leave you a bad review!

From that, I earned myself a few low ratings due to too many orders being placed at once and I had to cancel some orders.

(When an order on Fiverr is cancelled (or refunded), your profile automatically gets slapped with a “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” review from that Buyer.)


Thankfully, I have dozens of positive, 5-star reviews which clients have vouched for my workflow, delivery speed and quality of content, so I’ve continued to receive new work orders and build positive business relationships with new clients!

PRO TIP: Keep a separate working agenda with your orders in queue!

Keeping a calendar handy makes it so much easier to visualize what you need to get done, as well as when you need to get it all done by.

Besides for staying organized and ahead of schedule, I truly believe that perseverance through adversity will bring you that much closer to earning a sustainable passive income from an online writing business.

It’s almost guaranteed to bring you new experiences as a freelancer like never before by taking a chance on yourself via the Fiverr platform.

Are you ready to grow an online business and career path that you will authentically thrive in? Are you a “doer”?

Time’s a tickin.

Got a project in mind?

Let's work together.