How I Started Seeyu Studios

& The Reason Why I Said Goodbye to My Dream working as a Flight Attendant

"Be the writer you want
to be, not what others
expect you to be."

It was February of 2016 and I had just turned 23.

During this time, I had already accomplished my lifelong aspiration of becoming a flight attendant. I felt as though I was on top of the world, working as a cabin crew at my dream airline.  

My trips were opportunities to escape the everyday. I would jet-set off somewhere new and refocus my energy on self-disciplined self development on my layovers. It allowed me to dream bigger, and better.

Meanwhile, behind closed hotel room doors, I was rushing the tightest of deadlines in a different city & timezone every few days, tending to my freelance writing and media production gigs.

The exhilarating lifestyle and many days off granted me the freedom to take pleasure in gaining newfound perspectives, completely rejuvenating and retransforming my worldview. My lifestyle was my muse.

It was February of 2016 and I was working on a freelance client's video script on a layover in the comfort and familiarity of my hotel room that morning.

Caption: Working remotely from different cities & moving sceneries eventually became my sacred routine as a digital nomad.

Instead of going out to the pool or enjoying a nice brunch date out in the city with friends, 'twas a beautiful, sunny morning in Hong Kong and I found myself deeply immersed in the brand stories and strategies I was crafting for my clients.

When my friends went to Disneyland for Disney Dim Sum, I opted to stay in, read books, and work on blog articles. It was something I would just do, and wouldn't ever really talk to anyone else about.

My mindset eventually fixated on the need for a greater scope of opportunity to deploy my skills in an authentic manner, and somehow extend the creative visions I had for digital marketing on a much grander scale.

Caption: Just a typical day/night at Seeyu Studios.

Passion is like a forest fire that refuses to be put out. It comes with its own personality, but it can also navigate you to where you need to be, naturally, if you'll let it.

Caption: Production team members, cast and film crew took turns carrying around a laptop, checking in with me as I Skype called in from Hong Kong during the first set of rehearsals. Project: After Hours: a web series (2016-2017).

By March of 2016, Seeyu Studios (formerly Wise Without Words Productions) was officially in business. 

What had initially started off as a boutique motion picture & media production company for the web and socials, has now blossomed into the full-service, multidisciplinary creative agency it is today.

Caption:  Cramming some more deadlines during a layover in New York.

In mid-2017, I took a huge risk and resigned from my job at the airline (which I'd loved with all my heart) to spend the next whole year building up & completely rebranding WWWP into Seeyu Studios by mid-2018.

Seeyu Studios now offers an array of content creation, digital marketing and branding services. From web & graphic design, photography & video production to copywriting and other creative content creation across all digital platforms.

Each project is carefully crafted with love for smart startups, innovative e-commerce businesses, and creative entrepreneurs around the world.

Caption: My personal assistant Lisa Pham and I sharing notes in between auditions and interviews. Project: After Hours: a web series (2016-2017).
Whenever a client asks me, “what is your creative process like?”— I always (secretly wish that I could) answer with one of my favourite literary quotes of all time.

I would like to be the air that inhabits you for a moment only. I would like to be that unnoticed and that necessary.” - Margaret Atwood

I've found that I thrive best when I get to help others align themselves with their own success.
Caption: Cast + Key Production Members together (while I was in Hong Kong) for a team photoshoot. Project: After Hours: a web series (2016-2017).
I draft blueprints from scratch for every work order because no two projects are ever the same. My process begins with getting to know the client's objectives, ideas and brand story, so I can familiarize myself with the voice, tone, use of language and parameters we'll be working with throughout our collaboration together. 

Connecting with a client on every level possible is especially important to me because I understand that a client's needs may alter slightly or perhaps even shapeshift completely when working together. Keeping an open mind and creating an open space for communication are some of my greatest priorities for every collaboration.

As for the rest, you'll find out when we work together someday.

Until then, you'll have to take my clients' words for it.


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